How do I Apply a Makeup Primer and Foundation?

How do I Apply a Makeup Primer and Foundation?

If you are into primer and foundation, you know how important they are for your face. In addition to knowing how important primer and foundation are, you should also know how to use them.

What is Primer?

Using primer smooths the surface of your face and keeps makeup from caking on wrinkles or blemishes. To make their makeup last longer, cosmetic artists have long utilized primer. You can use less foundation since it creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup; you may not need any after applying primer.

What is Foundation?

Coverers hide dark circles, blemishes, and other flaws in the skin. Foundation, on the other hand, is the base for your makeup and helps you get an even skin tone. Concealers typically have high coverage and are more intense than foundation, which has several types of coverage.

Different Types of Foundation and Makeup Primers

You can choose various makeup primer and foundation options from a brand such as Neyah.

HD Pro Foundation

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The Dewy Finish HD PRO Foundation covers dark spots and skin flaws with just one application. Using this foundation, you may build a flawless palette for your day's makeup. The HD PRO Foundation comes in three shades: Pearl White, Almond Beauty, and Chocolate Muffin. Each one is made for a different skin tone.

Tricolour-Rainbow Barrier Primer

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This tri-color barrier primer mixture keeps your face from getting older or getting spots as the day progresses. It stops the makeup from settling into wrinkles or other imperfections. Furthermore, you are no longer required to accumulate the vanity box.

Makeup Primer

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You might find what you are looking for with the HD face primer from Neyah. It helps to conceal scars and other flaws with a cakey appearance and a softer feeling. Additionally, it will make the remainder of your makeup stay on your face longer.

How to Apply Makeup Primer?

If you are using makeup primer for the first time, here are a few steps to help you apply it and get a good result.

  1. As with any cosmetic, skincare is always prioritized. Apply moisturizer and SPF after washing your face unless you use a moisturizer/primer hybrid or a primer with sunscreen.
  2. Use your fingers or a cosmetic sponge to apply a small quantity of primer in a thin layer, except in the eye areas.
  3. Give the primer some time to dry before adding the foundation.

How to Apply foundation?

Applying foundation on your face depends on what type of foundation you are using. Different types include applying liquid foundation with a brush, beauty blender, or fingers. However, common steps to apply foundation is mentioned below-

  • Wash your face with a cleanser to eliminate extra oil and grime that could make your skin appear dull and oily. Dry off your face using a fresh towel.
  • Moisturizing is necessary whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin. It keeps your skin moisturized and radiant.
  • Use your fingers to apply the primer to your forehead, the region around your mouth, and any other places you need to obscure. Continuously tap it rather than dragging your skin.
  • Dot your face with a liquid foundation after pouring some onto the back of your hand. Pay attention to the areas that require coverage, such as the chin, the area around the lips, and pigmented spots.


Only some people are experts in applying primer or foundation, but it is not even hard to do the act. You need the right product and follow the above steps to get the correct result. So, start practicing the same and get yourself glowing skin.

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