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Tricolor Rainbow Barrier Primer

Neyah Tricolor Rainbow Barrier Primer
Neyah Tricolor Barrier Primer
Neyah Tricolor Rainbow Primer
Neyah Rainbow Barrier Primer

Your skin is moody, thanks to the countless amount of pollutants and stress that constantly damages it across the everyday hustle-bustle. With Neyah's revolutionary tri-color primer, you can be a step ahead of time, advancing your daily skincare responsibilities and makeup rituals. This Primer builds a composed, even surface on your face that manages to keep your looking lively, bubbly, and fresh all through the stressful day.

This three-color formula fights against the clock ticking at you all through the day, not letting your face dull up or blemishes show up. It prevents the makeup from caking around blemishes or wrinkles. Plus, you are free from piling up your vanity box and burning a hole in your pocket, investing in different shades of it.

Break-through the restrictions of the color-wheel, our power-packed Primer has three shades in one. So, take your obsession with makeup to the next level with this three-in-one makeup primer.

This Primer acts as a barricade between your skin and your makeup, composed up of multiple vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, Neyah's nourishment-rich formula allows the skin to enjoy an elongated effect to make the skin look healthier and more stunning.

The Tricolor Makeup Primer rages war against the three most common forms of skin issuance at once:

    • Lilac

Proficiently eliminates all unwished-for-yellow undertones that markdown your fairness, promising a significantly brighter and glowy look all through the day.

    • Peach

Add the perfect tinge of pink to your skin for the much-needed luminosity to its natural tone to ensure that your complexion glows up into an all-around, healthier look.

    • Green

Green primers are the best friends of skin tones that are prone to rosacea and acne as they perfectly neutralize the color red. So, this gives an even-tone base for a flawless foundation application.

  • Wash your face and pat dry it
  • Subsequently, apply moisturizer and SPF
  • Apply the Neyah Professional's Tricolor Primer with your fingers or a makeup sponge in a thin, even layer, averting the eye place
  • Wait a few minutes for the Primer to set before applying foundation
  • Try to attain a lookalike texture, and deliver each layer time to dry before applying the next.
  • For external use only.
  • Shake it well before use.
  • Store primer below 30°C, but do not freeze.
  • Do not add any liquids to the Primer.
  • Keep out from the reach of children.
  • Primer can be removed easily using makeup remover.
    • Gentle on Skin

The Neyah Professional's Tricolor Makeup Primer is gentle without including any harmful chemicals ingredients.

    • Nourishment for Skin

It helps you impede skin contamination, smoke, UV rays, facial sunburn, makeup pigments, etc., and supplies an efficient skin defense barrier.

    • Vitamin and Minerals Rich

Containing multiple types of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Primer’s skin colors rectification doesn’t only disguise but enriches the skin in the end for a better, most natural look.

    • Vegan and Cruelty-free

Neyah abides by complete cruelty-free and vegan production. This Primer is mild for any facial skin and is free from poisonous additives.

    • For All Skin Types

Suitable for normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin types.

The aim of corrective concealers and primers is to neutralize the skin colors - redness, dismal circles, hyperpigmentation, or tattoos coverings.

"Think of the colors wheel: color that is opposite from each other will assist abolish another out" - DUHH, NO MORE OF THIS TASK!

Our all-in-one tri-colored Primer is here for the rescue!

A green primer will decrease the appearance of redness or red spots due to acne tremendously. They disguise the blemishes and deliver your skin a seamless finish, so your foundation can be blended readily and not seem patchy with red spots.

Yellow Primer is blindly recommended for lighting skin tones that may be silent translucent and are so honest that the petite blood ships that appear purple or blue are feasible to see. The yellow will assist in neutralizing these colors. It's also a helpful color to churn out blue or purple tones under the eyes.

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Neyah Tricolor Rainbow Barrier Primer
Neyah Tricolor Barrier Primer
Neyah Tricolor Rainbow Primer
Neyah Rainbow Barrier Primer