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Your personal information is secured under Neyah’s Privacy Policy. If any transfer to a third party takes place, your information will be under its Privacy Policy. Under the Data Protection Act of 2018, personal information will be secured under the Data Protection Officer of our company. You contact the DPO if you have any queries or want to exercise any legal rights. When you use this website, your personal information will go through some steps which will fall under the privacy practices of Neyah. You will be asked to refer back to our website’s Privacy Policy regularly to ensure the changes made for protecting your information.

We collect your personal information like name, birth date, address to verify your identity, store your details, administer your participation in referral programmes, to resolve your problems and to deliver products to you. We need your email address to contact you via email regarding product launches, updates and change of policies and new opportunities. We need the IP address of your device, your prior purchase behaviour to prevent any fraud during purchase, to carry out market research, improve Site and communication. We need your title, telephone number and personal information to answer your queries whenever needed. We need your bank, PayPal/credit/debit card details for accepting orders and taking payments, manage refunds, obtain feedback and for news and promotions.