5 Nail Polish Hacks to Ace up Your Manicure Game

5 Nail Polish Hacks to Ace up Your Manicure Game

The vibrant hues of the nail paints have the power to make you look attractive and sensuous too! Here are some tips to achieve the same from the comfort of your home.

Let’s get real: painting the nails of your not-so dominant hands is a challenging and daunting task. It’s really frustrating when you sleep with freshly painted nails only to see them smudged the next morning, leaving you clueless about where you went wrong. You cannot visit a salon every time to get your nails professionally painted.  Even if you buy good quality nail paint online, a wrong technique can ruin the look of your nails. Here are some easy nail polish hacks that will make your nail painting- an effortless and smooth activity.

1.     Prep-up your nails

Most of you must be complaining that your nail paints don’t last for long or get chipped off often. The lasting power of nail paints is majorly influenced by the nail polish brand and the condition of your nails. Before applying the first coat of your nail polish, make sure to prep up your nails. To make the nails paint-ready wipe your nails with a tissue paper or paper towel soaked in vinegar (white). This makes the nails oil-free. Buy long lasting waterproof nail paint online at Neyah for the best and enduring results.

2.      Use Petroleum Jelly for a flawless finish

Painting inside the nail edges flawlessly is a tough task. To achieve a perfect finish, just take a small amount of petroleum jelly on an ear bud and gently apply it to your inner edges. This will create a barrier between your skin and nail polish. Now apply your nail paint coat. The extra nail paint will stick to petroleum jelly that can be wiped off easily, ultimately giving a beautiful finish.

3.      Apply an extra coat on tips

Nail paint often gets chipped off from the tips of the nails. To avoid this, apply a base coat of the same nail paint on the top half of your nails. After it has dried, apply the second coat and cover the entire nail as you would do normally. This will give extra life to your polish on your nail tips and helps to achieve a long-lasting colour.

4.      Apply thinner coats

Ever wondered why nail polish takes too long to dry? The consistency or density of your coat is directly proportional to the drying mechanism. Rather than applying a thick coat, apply multiple thin coats and let them dry up in between. A thick coat will dry superficially rather than drying completely.  Try the bestselling and quick drying nail polish online at best price by Neyah and fall in love with your nails.

5.      Dry it faster

Waiting for the nail polish to get dried is the most frustrating and irritating part of the manicure regimen. However, sitting under the fans or blowing air from your mouth on nails could help dry it faster but you will end up developing bubbles in your nail paints. The best way is to keep your nails dipped in ice-cold water for just 30 seconds and see the magic.   

6.      Bring in the layer of luminosity

Are all your nail hues going dull? The best way to add lustre and luminosity to your nail paint is by using a pearly light or metallic coat nail polish as the base coat. Now, apply the desired paint. This will add a subtle shine and lustre to your nails which in turn make them classy. You can also apply a layer of clear gel as your last coat to add extra gloss and shine to your nails.

Want to go matte? Mix some cornstarch in your nail polish. Ta Da! Your matte nail paint is ready.

You can use clear tapes to draw sharp lines and create your own designs. Follow these easy tips to make your nail painting easy, effortless and flawless. Get creative with Neyah’s vibrant range of high-quality nail paints. Buy nail polish online at best price at https://neyah.in/ . And yes, don’t miss out on the introductory offer.

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