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Super Shine Nail Paint

Are you having trouble looking for the perfect shade to wear for an upcoming social occasion? Fear not! The Super Shine Neyah Nails Lacquers! This collection will definitely make your nails stand out throughout the rest of your social calendar. Its quick-dry formula and intense color pigmentation do not fade that easily, ensuring a long-lasting lacquered look.

With a wider range of collections, you’d better get ready to deck your fingertips for good. Our latest collection offers shades from 36-44, with each little paradise in a bottle 11ml. Better grab yours before stock runs out!

  • Butyle acetate
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Normal butanol alcohol
  • Di acetone alcohol
  • Resins
  • Schedule Q pigments (may contain titanium di-oxide) 
  • Strong adhesive
  • Intense schedule Q Pigments
  • Revitalizing ingredients
  • Easy application 
  • Rich pigmentation and color lasts for a long time

Prep your nails by cleaning them and removing your old nail polish by using a good polish remover. Start by pushing back your cuticles evenly to match your nails on your toes or fingers. Lastly, apply a coat of Creamy Neyah Nails Lacquers! For a smooth and awesome finish. You may apply more coats of the polish if you wish.


Give shine to your style with Neyah super shiny nail polish

Manicure is incomplete without a finishing and slick coat of nail polish. On top of protecting your nail paint from molding early, a single swipe of Neyah’s super shiny nail polish will also improve the color and provide a high-definition shine to take your manicure to another level.

So, whether you want a velvety matte finish or high-shine lacquer, our variety of innovative and new fast drying nail polish coats will fulfill all your needs right within your budget. Our nail polishes are durable, beautiful, high-shine, and super-glossy. Also, our super shiny nail polishes are an arts-and-crafters vision, densely stored with the type of excellent glitter found in the valuable aisle of a craft shop.

How to apply Neyah’s shiny nail polish?

Ultra-shiny and super-glossy nails are one sweep away. Swipe one stroke of Neyah quick-dry nail paint for a high-impact hue in 60 seconds flat and precise application. Here are the steps to follow to apply our superbly shiny nail polish.

  • Step 1: Glide on the color of our super shine nail polish in just a stroke.
  • Step 2: Wait for the nail paint to dry, then use a second coat of the nail paint.
  • Step 3: If you wish to add some flicker to your high-shine nail color? Apply one more stroke on the nail paint for a twinkly effect.

Why should you buy super shiny nail polish from Neyah?

Our cruelty-free nail paints range from bright summer shades to cool neutrals. The high-quality nail paints last up to 10 days against wear and tear. It also gives you precise application in just one stroke and provides an ultra-shiny finish.

So, you can buy nail paint online from our website and enjoy a seamless shopping experience. Our super shiny nail polish has fast-drying ingredients to lessen the drying time and provide you with quick and effective results.