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How cheeky — A guide to cheek makeup & brushes






We all know the transformative powers of a swipe of blush, so let's explore the role of cheek makeup a little more deeply, how to choose the best type of cheek makeup for your complexion, and the best makeup brush for the job.  

A former developer for a Japanese cosmetic brand and makeup specialist, provides her professional guidance.

1. Create a vivid, lively appearance

Applying cheek as a final touch to your makeup add extra warmth to your face, if you like to go for cooler overall touch, use a darker shade of cheek.

2. Give your face more depth

Applying foundation does make your skin look smoother, but it can also make your face flat, or bigger because of the whiteness of the foundation. Adding an extra layer of color create a depth to your face and makes it look smaller in appearance.

3. Change the overall image with the smallest effort

Are you wearing the same makeup, no matter what clothes you wear? Most of us don’t have the fortune to own many types of makeup and just stick to one variation. But ideally, makeup should change according to what you wear and what occasion you are in. Have 2 or 3 extra colors of Cheek in your makeup arsenal, and choose it to match with your outfit of the day – if you’re wearing a light yellow colored shirt, try putting on the cheek with a hint of yellow. You’d be surprised how it fits together so well!