Cancellation Policy

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulation 2013, you have the right to cancel a product legally. If you think you don't want to keep a product or cancel it, you may drop a notice to us before shipping. You cannot cancel the product once the shipment is placed.

Your cancellation period starts from the day you order the product and continues before you receive the shipment notification.

You have to contact our Customer Service team to notify us that you want to cancel a product and should include the order number. We will send you a confirmation mail that we have received your cancellation request.

After cancellation, we will refund the price you paid as we are permitted by law. If you have purchased a product under discounts, then the price you paid after the discount will be refunded. If you have purchased a product and have chosen the faster delivery option with a higher rate, we will refund the price of the normal delivery option rather than the higher price. It can take more than 10 days to receive your refund depending on your postal service and it may take more than a week to show in your account as refunds are processed on the day of receipt. If the product you received turns out faulty then we will refund in full.