How to prevent kajal from smudging for a flawless look?

How to prevent kajal from smudging for a flawless look?

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Do you know which is the most captivating part of our makeup routine? Yes, it’s the eye makeup. Just glamming up with kajal and eyeliner elevates your look even if you don’t wish to put the entire makeup. But, for a flawless and eye-catching appearance, you need to apply the kajal in a right way. Though we all love this product yet we feel dreadful when it smudges.  Here are a few tips to prevent kajal from smudging and make it last longer too!

1.      Cleanse your face

Make sure to clean your face before applying makeup to get rid of any dust, dirt or oil on the face. Dry it using a soft towel. For people with oily skin, this step is very important. You can also rub some ice under your eyes to make them look fresher and brighter.

2.      Prep your eyes

You need the right base to apply the best kajal or eyeliner to make it long-lasting and attractive. Before doing your eye makeup, make sure to prep it up with a good eye primer followed by a concealer or oil-free foundation.

3.      Dust some loose powder under your eye area

For a flawless and smooth finish, loose powders are ideal. Make these loose powders a vital step in your everyday makeup routine. This will avoid making your makeup appear cakey.  All the extra oil will be absorbed by the loose powder, ultimately giving you a long-lasting and smudge-free finish.

4.      Good quality Kajal

A kajal can make or break your look! Say goodbye to those low-quality kohls and buy long lasting kajal online which not only make your eyes look beautiful but are also good for your skin. You cannot afford to take risks as far as makeup is concerned. Invest in a good brand.

5.      The right technique

Always start from the outer corners of your eyes and gradually move inwards while applying the kajal. Decide a shape and then carefully line it. Avoid applying on the inner corners of the lower eyelid as the water present there may smudge your kajal.

Buy best kajal pencil online or from the market for a nice, crisp line. Try to use short strokes. This will help you to control the thickness of the kajal.  

6.      Lock it with an eye shadow

Apply a small subtle eye shadow beneath the lower eyelid (waterline) after swiping your kajal. The extra greasiness will be absorbed by the eye shadow and would give you a perfect matte, smudged and sexy look. Additionally, you can buy waterproof mascara online for a mesmerizing all-day-long look.

7.      Spare the corners

Kajal usually smudges from the inner and outer corners of your waterline. You can either leave the corners or make thick strokes in the middle and thin at the corners. This will give you a bold look, no matter what!

8.      Be prepared

Nobody is perfect. What to do in case kajal smudges even after following the above tips and gives you panda eyes? The best way is to keep some wet wipes handy in your purse or pocket. Remove the excess kajal and blot the oiliness using these wet wipes.

9.      Don’t touch!

After applying those bold strokes, touching your eyes is a big no! Your kajal is bound to smudge if you do that and will spoil your awe-inspiring look. So, don’t touch. Buy best quality eye liner online to make your make up look flawless and long-lasting. If your normal kajal pencils or roll-ons are not giving you the desired look, you can switch to gel eyeliners.

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