How to make eyeliner stay all day?

How to make eyeliner stay all day?

Feel delighted when your guests praise your perfect winged eyeliner! Undoubtedly applying eye makeup is a skill that requires practice, perfect products and more importantly, patience.  Just glamming up with eyeliner elevates your look even if you don't wish to put the entire makeup on. It's true, we all hate the smudging of eyeliner more than not getting a perfect stroke. Sometimes it imparts a look that we have been crying, or a line starts to separate and make us feel embarrassed. Give a break to this frustration and ace up your eyeliner game with these easy DIY eyeliner tips by Neyah- the popular home of online cosmetics. 

·        Cleanse your skin

Clean, tone and moisturize your skin to remove all the oiliness, dirt and grime from your skin. Before applying your eyeliner make sure that your eyelids are not oily. Oily eyelids are one of the key culprits of eyeliner smudging. Always buy best quality eye liner online to mitigate the risk of eyeliner smudging.

·        Use a primer

Primer gives a natural barrier from all-natural oils as it seals all your open pores. If your eyelids remain too oily then this step is a must. Divas with extremely dry skin should also consider this step as it offers a smooth base for your eye makeup. Skipping this step will make the liner skip across your eyelids. Use matte foundation in case you don't have a primer.

·        Let the primer dry

As you know, your eye makeup can either make your day or just ruin it. So, you need to ensure that everything is done finely and perfectly, though it may take some extra time. Wait and let the eyelid primer dry before you start the application of your favourite eyeliner. Applying the eyeliner while the primer is still wet puts you at a high risk of liner smudging as it is being applied to a slippery and wet surface.

·        Use a good quality liner

Invest in a good quality eyeliner that ensures you have the right captivating and breathtaking eyes. Buy water proof eye liner online that lasts long and doesn’t get smudged even after hours.

·        Apply your eyeliner

Apply one thin layer of the eyeliner. Apply more only if needed. You can also go for several thin layers that will have more chances to stay than one thick layer.

·        Apply eyeshadow

When you are finished with the eyeliner work, take similar coloured eyeshadow and use it over your eyeliner. Suppose, if you used brown eyeliner then use a brown matte eyeshadow. This will seal eyeliner and prevent it from smudging. Also, for a deep impact, use the same eyeshadow to subtly colour the outer lower eyelids. By following this, both your kajal and eyeliner will give a dramatic and enchanting impact on your guests.

·        Apply waterproof mascara

Avoid using a simple or non branded mascara that is not waterproof. Applying mascara before eye makeup can make your eyes beautifully black but using a non-waterproof mascara can ruin every bit of your hard work.

·        Use setting spray

Once you are done with the eye makeup close your eyes and give your eyes one shot of the setting spray. Wait till the setting spray is dried.  Flap your hands in front of your face to make it dry quickly.

·        Avoid rubbing your eyes

Avoid touching your eyes. Rubbing your eyes is a big NO as you know very well what will happen next!

And, last do not panic

Cool! Your eyeliner will stay the whole day if you are stress-free. Thinking or stressing too much will result in sweating that can again make your eyelids wet and harm your mesmerizing look. 

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