How to apply nail polish without getting it on your skin

How to apply nail polish without getting it on your skin

We often paint our nails; it is easy to use our favorite nail polish and get colored nails. But some people end up with mess by making their fingers paints. To look good, your nail polish has to be inside the nail line. 

So if you face some problem while applying nail polish, then we got you covered. Here we are going to tell you some easy hacks that will help you apply nail polish in a good way.

But before this, if you don't have good nail paint, then get a nail paint online.

Use Vaseline 

Polishing the nail inside the nail is not easy, so the first hack is to apply vaseline. Rub the vaseline in the area around the nail. You have to use a cotton pad while using vaseline.

This will create a barrier between the nail and the skin around your nail. Now apply nail polish, and after applying, wipe the extra nail polish around your nail.

Here step to apply vaseline. 

Step 1 Take a cotton ped a dip it in vaseline. If you don't use vaseline, you can take moisturizer.

Step 2 Now apply the vaseline to the edge of the nail line. Remember that vaseline does not touch the nail.

Step 3 Apply nail polish neatly.

Apply glue 

For a neat and clean nail, you can use white glue. Apply white glue around your nail line. This glue will help to protect the skin from nail polish.

How to apply 

  1. Firstly, take a bottle of white glue and dip a cotton pad into it.
  2. Now, use this cotton pad to make a thin layer of white glue in every nail. Also, remember that glue doesn't touch the nail.
  3. Now wait to dry the glue, and after drying, you can use nail polish.
  4. Now wipe the glue after quick-dry nail polish.

Polish your nail line 

This one is also an effective way. Instead of using vaseline and glue, you can simply polish your nail line. To clean your nail line, you can use your makeup brush or nail polish remover. But you have to be very steady and practice hand for that. 

Use Elmer's glue 

Step to apply to 

  1. Find Elmer's glue 
  2. Now take a Q-tip and place it around your nail.
  3. Now paint your nail with quick-dry nail polish.
  4. Then remove the glue, it removes with the nail paint which went on it.
  5. Now use a napkin if some glue remains in your finger.

Use office supplies 

If you are not a nail artist, you must not have a stocked kit for nail art. But if you have your office supplies, then it can work for you. You can use paper hole reinforcement stickers in your fingers to not mess with nail paint.

Place the sticker to your nail like the given photo. And paint the nail. After paint carefully removes the sticker from your fingers.


In these ways, you can polish your nail without worrying about getting your nail polish into your fingers. You have to use petroleum jelly and cotton ped to get beautifully polished nails.

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