How to apply Liquid Eyeliner?

How to apply Liquid Eyeliner?

We can't deny the fact that applying makeup is not easy. We have to learn to use every basic thing when it comes to makeup, like how to use a brush, apply eyelashes, apply eyeliner, and so on.

Although some makeup products take little effort, some take a lot of effort. You can apply powder and lipstick easily but handle mascara and eyeliner do not come easily. They need practice. Applying liquid eyeliner takes a lot of effort.

You can't achieve the perfect winged eyeliner in the first go. But that doesn't mean you give up. After some practice, you can be pro at applying liquid eyeliner.

By following some easy steps, you can apply liquid eyeliner easily. If you want to know how to apply liquid eyeliner, keep reading.

How to choose a liquid eyeliner?

As a beginner, it is tough to choose a perfect liquid eyeliner as there are so many options available in the market. You can buy any liquid eyeliner online. We suggest you get an adhesive eyeliner if you are a beginner.

You have to select an eyeliner that has a felt tip. Choose an eyeliner that has a pen-like shape and is easy to hold. An eyeliner that can easily draw a sharp line without smudging. You can choose an eyeliner that has nail paint-like a brush. You have to be careful if you don't know how to put on liquid eyeliner.

How to apply a liquid eyeliner as a beginner?

Step 1 : First, take a mirror to see how you are putting eyeliner.

Step 2 : Now, hold the brush flat. Hold your eyeliner like you have a pencil.

Step 3 : Now, start applying eyeliner from the middle. Take your eyeliner near the lash line. Remember, you don't have to leave any gap between your lash line and eyeliner. By drawing a line in the middle, take it to the outer corner. Use the leftover eyeliner to draw the line in the inner corner.

Step 4 : Now start making a wing. For the winge, you have to follow the lower lash line. Then starting going upward to create a winge. This step helps you to tell if your eyeliner is equal.

Step 5 : Now, your perfect wing eyeliner is ready. You can apply mascara now.

This way, you can achieve a perfect winged eyeliner. Here is the simple method if you want to apply eyeliner in your lower lases but don't know how to use an eyeliner pen.

What do you need to apply eyeliner in lower lashes?

  1. Liquid eyeliner 
  2. A thin brush

Step 1 : For the lower lashes line, you have to start applying eyeliner from the outer corner. Use a brush to draw a line in your lower lash line. Drag the cord and connect it with your upper wing.

Step 2 : Now starts moving the line to the center. Take your draw line to the inner corner. Also, remember your lower lash line touches the line.

Step 3 : Now, take the line to the inner corner and connect it to this upper eyeliner.

Step 4 : Now fills the gap with the brush.


If you are a beginner, you must not know how to apply eyeliner, so here is the easy way. If you are still facing any problems while applying eyeliner, tell your problem in the comment section.

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