How do I Apply Kajal and Eyeliner Perfectly?

How do I Apply Kajal and Eyeliner Perfectly?

For every Indian girl, kajal is an integral part of the makeup session. And even if liquid eyeliners, mascaras, and eyeshadow palettes came later, it is still one of the top eye makeup tools. A kajal meets all your fundamental cosmetic needs by offering you various options in various styles, colors, formulas, finishes, and textures. But, unfortunately, even though it could be the most cherished, it's frequently the makeup item that gets the least attention. This article presents some practical steps to apply kohl kajal and eyeliner in a perfect way that can uplift your overall look.

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How to Apply Kajal and Eyeliner

While it can seem quite simple, applying kajal correctly is essential to getting the most out of it and improving your overall look. You must pay additional attention to each process of the kajal or eyeliner because the area around your eyes is delicate. In addition, sweat, humidity, and heat cause your kajal to frequently run or smudge initially. So it's crucial to understand how to use kajal. Brands like Neyah offer top-quality kajal and eyeliner. You can choose from Noir Lash adhesive eyeliner or Eyematic tender mascara. Here are the steps:

1. Prepare Your Eyes.

It is essential to check if there is no dirt or lash hair in your eyes. You can clean dust using a face wipe. Then, apply a small amount of primer to your eyelids and let them dry. Your lash adhesive eyeliner will remain in place and become more durable.

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2. Glide the Pencil Right Over the Lower Lash Line.

Apply kajal to your bottom lash line gently. Then, starting at one end, fill it in from there. Ensure that the outside corners are darker and more noticeable than the inner corners.

3. Add Another Layer.

You can stray from the lines to make your appearance more intense. To avoid any additional product falling towards the inner corner of your eyes, start at the outside corner and work your way in.

4. Use a Brush to Get Smoky Effect.

You can smoke out the lower lash line with a smudging brush. It allows the kajal to be less harsh and softens the lines.

5. Tightline the Top of Your Lash Line.

Apply kajal to the inner of your top lash line to further define your eyes. If you don't want to use liquid eyeliner, you can. Without using mascara, this approach also lengthens your lashes.

6. Increase it by Crossing Your Eyelid

To achieve the ideal wing, use a kajal pencil to cover your upper eyelid in place of a liquid or felt tip eyeliner. Depending on the aesthetic you want, begin the line thin and gradually thicken it.

7. Remove it to Get a Smoky Effect.

You may even blur the sharp lines to give them an excellent smokey feel by using an angular brush. For a bolder, more intense appearance, place a neutral eyeshadow on the lid and seal the look with Eyematic Tender Mascara or voluminous mascara.

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8. Reverse Smokey Eyes

You can get the reverse smokey eyes by adding light shadow to your lids and applying liner to your lower lash line.

9. Get Bold Wing

Create the base of the eyeliner and use black eyeshadow. Next, outline the wing and use the angled brush. Now thicken the bottom of the eye to get a bold wing.

10. Upper Lid Application

Pull the side of your upper eyelid taut. Next, draw a fine line from the outside corner of your eye to the inside corner of your eye while keeping the eyeliner pencil's tip closer to the lash line.

11. Using Colored Kajal

The best is to use colored Kajal having a beneficial effect. You can go for the intense kohl kajal eyeliner that can provide the best effect.

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