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Women are obsessive with eyeliners and how they can play with the experimentation of the same. It’s remarkable how much a small flick or line on the eyes can change your entire appearance. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s eyeliner techniques intrigue us. She was known for her unusual eyeliner designs and knew how to do her makeup properly. Even in the present period, her dramatic eyeliner techniques and various eye makeup looks have been an inspiration. If you’ve avoided using eyeliner until now, now is the time to try it, and if you’re content with your current eye makeup, there’s no harm in updating. You can experiment with different eyeliner styles. There are styles for all sorts of eyes, and life is too short not to try them all.

We’ve compiled a list of some favorite eyeliner looks that are the must-tries and are trending. So grab your eyeliner and get set to achieve your makeup dreams, ladies. Because it’s too mainstream to apply eyeliner, in the same way, all the time, experiment with different eyeliner styles on a daily basis to produce a new and refreshing look.

Eyeliner Styles of Various Types

Because eyeliner styles matter when you want to appear your best and stand out from the crowd, they play a significant function in your whole makeup. Take a look at these eyeliner techniques to see which one you like most.

Cat Eyes in the Traditional Style:

A beautifully applied cat eye can drastically transform your appearance. We recommend using a gel or liquid liner to achieve flawless results. Begin by drawing a narrow line from your inner eye outward. As you travel outwards, thicken it by stretching it upwards and outwards from the outside corner of your eye. Then go over your lower lash line with a liner. To achieve a dramatic effect, add a little mascara to the look.

Winged Eyeliner with a Sleek Finish:

The most frequent eyeliner application style is a smooth winged liner. The best thing about a sleek winged liner is that it may be used during the day or at night. Begin a slick winged eyeliner in the innermost corner of your eye and carefully line your upper lash line. Make a smudge-free finish by extending the liner a bit past the outer corner of your eye. To make your eyes pop, either leave your lower lash line naked or apply a nude pencil on it. And there you have it: a flawless winged liner.

Smear It:

What is the most appealing aspect of the smudge look? It isn’t necessary to be accurate and tidy. It’s better if it’s a shambles! Choose a smudge if you want to achieve the perfect out-of-bed eye makeup look. An eyeliner with a smudger is required for this look. Use a kohl pencil to line your upper and lower lashlines and smudge it softly. That’s right; it’s that easy!

Skinny Liner:

Those who want to keep it minimal should choose for a thin, scarcely visible liner. We recommend using a gel or liquid liner to produce a precise thin liner. Just over your upper lash line, draw a super-thin line. On your waterline, a nude pencil might be used. However, it is preferable to leave it bare. Apply mascara and curl your lashes to make your eyes stand out. And that’s all there is to it!

Liner with two wings:

Give your eyes the double dose of punk with eyeliner if a basic winged liner wasn’t enough drama for you. Once you’ve mastered the single wing, try aligning it with your bottom lash line to stretch it into a wing as well. In between the wings, use either a white eye pencil or an eye shadow to properly define them. At your next party, do this glitzy ensemble!

The gap in the Liner:

What if I told you that the eyes would pop and appear brighter if you didn’t join your upper and lower eyeliner lines. Even obtaining this sort of eyeliner for yourself is an easy process. Simply draw a thin line across the top and bottom of the page, making sure not to join the two lines. That is all there is to it.

Smudge from the past:

A vintage smudge is a perfect technique to wear your eyeliner if you want to achieve a retro look. With black eyeliner, draw a thin outline on the upper and lower lash lines. To create a vintage smudge appearance for your eyes, wet an eyeshadow brush and dip it in black eye shadow.

Styles of Swan Eyeliner:

This eyeliner look is ideal for Halloween parties and celebrations. The swan eyeliner technique adds a feminine and mysterious element to your makeup that will draw everyone’s attention to you. You may get your swan look by playing around with eyeshadow and drawing your eyeliner past the inner corner of your eyes.

Patterned Eyeliner Styles:

When you add different patterns to different eyeliner techniques, they become even more gorgeous. A unique pattern, whether it’s graphic eyeliner or fishtail eyeliner, adds charm to your eye makeup. All you need to create various eyeliner pattern designs is the best eyeliner products to make your patterns flow smoothly.

Glittery Eyeliner Style:

By using some sparkle on the eyes, you may make your party look a little more wild and imaginative. Glitter eyeliner will draw attention to your eyes. Glitter on the eyes enhances the beauty of the eyes and can elevate a cosmetic look to a new level. All you have to do is choose your outfit and the one glitter eyeliner style that works with it. You can experiment with a variety of glitter eyeliner looks.

Do you like it? Try it out, and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.

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