The Ultimate Lipstick Guide: Find Your Perfect Match

The Ultimate Lipstick Guide: Find Your Perfect Match

Whether it's a high-gloss red or a subtle neutral, every girl has a distinctive lipstick shade. Navigating the numerous types of lipstick, on the other hand, entails more than just picking your ideal hue. It's crucial to understand the different textures and varieties of lipstick, as well as how they work before you can confidently wear your selected hue.

Here's a quick rundown of the five most common varieties of lipstick, how they function, and when to use them to complete your appearance.

What is the undertone of your skin?
What matte lipstick would look best on you depends on your skin's undertone. The majority of people can be classified as either warm or cool. Cool undertones are common in pale complexion, while warm undertones are common in olive or tan skin. Those that have a mix of both are classified as "neutral."

Your skin has a cool undertone if it is pink, crimson, or bluish in color (for example, if the veins in your wrist seem blue or if you burn before tanning). If your veins seem green and you tan quickly, you most likely have a warm undertone. Those with a neutral undertone (lucky you!) can use lip tints with both undertones.

You'll look best with neutral nude, pink, cranberry, and wine colors if you have cool undertones.

If your skin has a warm undertone…

Consider shades of soft pink, peachy nude, and bronze.

Introduction to the Lipstick Heaven

Did you think every lipstick tube was the same?
Uh-uh! In fact, there are a variety of finishes to choose from, each of which can provide you with something unique.

Sheer: Use a sheer tint to give your lips a splash of color. This finish is great for a natural look, but it may also be built up with a few more passes for a more intense tone.

Swipe across lips for a smooth, satiny (get it?) texture, subtle sheen, and a lot of colors. This finish does it all, making it ideal for anyone who is new to lip color.

Matte: These lipsticks have no gloss and are really popular right now.

Natural: Because a natural finish is the most common, you're probably already familiar with it!

Frosted: These lip colors aren't for the faint of heart since they're packed with iridescent glitter. They're excellent for adding a touch of glam and glimmer to a special occasion, even if they don't suit your usual style.

Metallic is the name of the game with this lipstick trend. Metallic is the gleaming finish you'll immediately notice on your favorite style icons and desire to wear yourself.

Applying lipstick, like most cosmetics, takes a little practice—but you'll get the hang of it! Tips and tactics for applying lipstick can be found here.

Tip #1: Prepare your pout before applying lipstick.
Begin by doing some preliminary work. To eliminate dead skin cells and assist your selected color go on evenly, gently exfoliate lips with a moist towel or lip scrub.

Tip #2: Use a lip brush when applying lipstick.
Use a lip brush instead of directly applying your lipstick from the tube if you've chosen a matte formula or a darker color. This will allow for more precision. Apply color to your lips' edges first, then fill them in.

Concealer is your friend when it comes to applying lipstick.
If necessary, use a creamy concealer put onto an angled brush to smooth up any messy edges.

Tip #4: Use your fingers to apply lipstick.
Stick a fingertip between your lips and draw it out swiftly after applying lipstick to avoid the dreaded lipstick on teeth appearance. This can aid in the removal of lipstick that has remained on the inside of the lips and is at risk of being transferred to the teeth.

Tip #5: Set it right
Hold a tissue over your lips and light brush a translucent powder over it to help establish your appearance. Keep a cotton swab handy when applying lipstick. A dab of some micellar water on a cotton swab will definitely make all the difference in how exact your application looks, in addition to applying concealer to remedy application flaws. It can be used to carefully remove any lipstick that has strayed from the lines.

When lipstick is worn with another product, such as one of the ones listed below, it might look even better.

Balm: Do your lips get chapped easily? Before applying lipstick, apply a light layer of moisturizing lip balm.

Lip liner: This is a versatile product that can be used for a multitude of reasons. It can be used to prevent color from bleeding, produce smooth borders, keep lipstick in place, and make your lips appear larger. Choose an invisible liner that will work under any color or match your liner to your lipstick.

Gloss: Applying a gloss over top of any lipstick can help it shine.

Removing Out: Isn't it annoying when you have to scrub, scrub, scrub to remove every last trace of lipstick? Try micellar water next time, which is safe to use on your face, eyes, and lips. Micellar water is powered by micelles, which are oil molecules that work like a magnet to remove debris, oil, and makeup from the skin. There's no need to rinse; simply moisten a cotton pad with water and wipe it across your face to clean it.

So, now that you know all the tricks and traits of applying a perfect lipstick rush to check out Neyah's range of Liquid Matte Lipstick!


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