How to Choose a Nail Polish Color That Will Match Your Skin Tone

How to Choose a Nail Polish Color That Will Match Your Skin Tone

Nail pints on trend not appealing on your nails?

Maybe your skin tone isn’t complimenting your nail paint hues or the occasion is too formal to wear loud colours!

Picking the right nail polish could be a daunting task but knowing the occasion and basic idea about colours can make this process fun.

Not every colour that is in trend is made to suit you.  Neyah- the famous and most popular home for online cosmetics has compiled some tips that will help you to don the perfect nail paint.


·         Light or very fair skin tone

 This type of skin tone is often considered a very cool skin tone and you need to pick those colours that enrich your skin. Variants of pinks, blues and other pastel colours will enhance your natural beauty.

An unwanted contrast would be created by picking dark or bold colours. Go for pastels and nudes for light and very fair skin tone.

·         Fair Skin Tone

Almost every colour teams up with this skin tone. But there are some hues that you can avoid such as darker shades of red, orange and yellow-based hues. These colours can overpower your fairness. If you are attending formal gatherings, then avoid green and orange shades.

·         Medium Skin Tone

Gold and peach are the best matches for this skin tone. Warm shades and yellow undertones make you look aligned. You can also prefer metallic shades of blue and silver.

Colours to avoid: dark purple, navy blue and red. 

·         Tanned Skin Tone

Rather than going for neutral or pastel colours, prefer using bright shades as it will enhance your complexion and make it look more appealing.

Go for bright shades of purple, pink, blue and shades with yellow undertones.

Colours to avoid: Golden nail paint

·         Dark Skin Tone

Brighter shades are to be strictly avoided such as silver, white, pink and orange. These will make your skin appear more darker and dull. Choose deep shades such as maroons, mocha, dark green and dark red as they will make you look young and give a vibrant look.

Whatever be your skin tone, it is advisable to buy long-lasting nail paint online brand for every occasion and wear.

Occasions & Seasons

·         Formal Occasion

Pastel and neutral colours are the best and safest options while you are going for a job interview. For an everyday meeting look, go for beiges, light peach, greys and white shades.

·         Holiday & Festival

For festivals and occasions, you can wear hues that complement that occasion. For example, for a wedding, you can wear red or other shades of red, glittery colours for Christmas and yellow for the Haldi ceremony etc.

Bright red and darker shades team up well with evening gowns.

·         Season

You can even choose your nail paint depending on the season. This will make you look more classy and sophisticated. For winters go for purples, greys, silver and light pinks while for summers you can go for bright reds, nude shades, corals and greens.

Greens, yellows and bright blues look best in spring months and for autumn months go for greys, silvers, oranges, purple and dark blue shades. 

·         Night Parties & Proms

If you are attending a fun event, prom party or DJ night, choosing the perfect nail paints will accentuate your looks. Choose a darker nail paint as a base and apply a top coat of glittery or sparkly nail paint to mark a carefree attitude.

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