Eyeliner vs Kajal: Know The Difference

Eyeliner vs Kajal: Know The Difference

There is frequent uncertainty when it comes to an understanding the distinction between eyeliner and Kajal. There are various kinds of eyeliners, including adhesive eyeliner, lash adhesive eyeliner, and Kohl eyeliner. You can choose what fits best for your eyebrows. There is nothing to blame yourself for if you aren't that knowledgeable. We gladly admit that the distinction between Kajal, kohl, and eyeliner is not very clear. Whether you want to experiment with theatrical eye makeup or never leave home without lining your eyes, You must have utilized a good portion of your eye pencils and eyeliner pots. First, let's examine the similarities and distinctions between Kajal and eyeliner.

Kohl Kajal

What is Kajal?

Kajal is the most critical part of the makeup product helping to draw the line outside and along the waterline of your eyes. It gives your eyelids a beautiful depth and a crisper appearance while giving your eyelashes a nice fuller appearance. Kajal comprises natural substances, including tree juice and mineral juices like the Monasha plant and Manjal karsilanganni, castor oil, ghee, grinding stibnite, etc. The best part of this item is that brands offering Kajal use natural extract, giving medical value and safety to your eyelids and eyes. Check out the Intense Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil from Neyah, which is rich in color and completely safe.

Adhesive Eyeliner

What is Eyeliner?

There are various forms of eyeliner, an item used for eye makeup. Its primary function is to define your eye line outside the upper and lower eyelids. Since eyeliner draws attention to your eyes from the outside, it is crucial for overall makeup. To put it another way, eyeliner is used to define the edges of the eyes. You can use Kohl eyeliner pencil to give the shape to your eyelids.

Pros of Applying Kajal

  • Darker makeup creates a dramatic appearance.
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • A suitable method for obtaining smoky eyes
  • Kajal is natural and organic and can stop eye infections.
  • It glides easily due to its creamy texture.

Cons of using Kajal

  • It doesn't give a natural look to your eyes.

Pros of Eyeliner

  • Easy to apply
  • A thin brush allows for accurate lines


  • Cannot be applied without using the brush
  • Smudges well with eyelids

The Difference Between Kajal and Eyeliner

Although it is pretty easy to interchange kajal and eyeliners, there is a slight distinction between the two that you should be aware of. The major components used to make Kajal are soot and natural substances. Since it is organic, it is calming to the eye and aids in preventing infections of the eyes; in addition, making Kajal at home to shield eyes from the sun's brightness because the darkening around the eyelids offers respite.

Smudge-proof arc eyeliner from Neyah is available as a liquid, gel, or pencil. As opposed to Kajal, it may be more abrasive on the eyes because it is frequently produced with synthetic components. In contrast to kohl and Kajal, eyeliner lacks a silky gloss and a gentle texture. Kajal and eyeliner differ primarily because the former can be applied on upper and lower lids; eyeliner is usually applied over the top lid. Since eyeliners are laden with chemicals, using them below the waterline is dangerous.


To get the sexy eye look, choosing the best kohl eyeliner pencil or Kajal is vital. Get yourself the branded one if buying any of them either. Since you know the difference between the two, you can now buy any of the two from Neyah.

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