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Intense Kohl Kajal Ultimate Black

Intense Kohl Kajal – Your Ultimate Eye Enhancement! Our Intense Kohl Kajal allows you unleash the alluring power of your eyes! This kohl pencil is the ideal cosmetic tool whether you're going for a subtle yet classy touch or a sultry smoky effect. Every Time, smooth and accurate application is ensured by the formula's creamy richness, which glides on with ease. Try it today and experience the difference of truly intense kohl!
  • Lasts long up to 36 hrs.
  • Say goodbye to smudging.
  • High intensity Black pigment.
  • Waterproof and ensures a comfortable wear without irritation.
  • Luxurious creamy texture allows easy blending, ideal for creating various eye looks, from bold and dramatic to soft and subtle.
  • Formulated in Germany with utmost care.
  • Ophthalmologically Tested

How to use:

Gently pull your eyelid taut and apply the kohl kajal along the lash line, starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. If using on the waterline, close your eyes and gently apply the kohl kajal along the lower waterline.