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Eyeliner Combo 2

No clumps, or damage to your eyes. Revolutionary 2-in-1 Adhesive eyeliner for false lashes is here.

Get a glamorous lash or long-lasting cat eye look in seconds with Noir Lash Adhesive Eyeliner. Say goodbye to messy eyelash glue and magnets and hello to our easiest applicator adhesive eyeliner you will ever use.

No mess, no smudge all day, and waterproof too, Noir Lash Adhesive Eyeliner comes with a new formula and unique adhesive technology to help you stay gorgeous, irrespective of rain or tears.

Noir 2-in-1 revolutionary eyeliner is just what you need to have and hold that dreamy eye look all day long.

As per the trend, eye cosmetics is the game-changer, grabbing all the eyeballs. With Neyah's new The Feline Flick Arc Eyeliner, you can now carve out an tantalizing look that takes your makeup goals a notch higher.

The never-before-seen Arc Brush is meant to praise your eye's normal bends and gives you the capacity to:

  • Make a prompt feline eye that makes you look magnetic and bolder.
  • Give a tight, lining look in one single stroke.
  • Aces the goal to perfectly cover up the cut wrinkles or shaky hands This double-finished eyeliner has a brush that offers the simplicity to pick from the wide range of eye styles on the go. It's an outright should-have for each magnificence tote owned by peppy teens as well as elegant ladies.