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Quick Dry Nail Polish

Neyah Lilac-Lily Quick Dry Nail Polish
Neyah Fast Drying Nail Polish
Neyah Seaweed Quick Dry Nail Polish
Neyah Sun-Kissed Quick Dry Nail Polish
Neyah Olive Fumes Quick Dry Nail Polish

Quick-dry nail polish is formulated with a higher level of solvents to quicken the evaporation
rate and drying time compared to traditional nail polishes. This nail polish is a great investment if you are in a rush or get too clumsy and need to reduce the overall drying time.

Solvents: Butyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate
Copolymer (film former)
Nitrocellulose (film former)
Pigment and pearls

Quick-drying ingredients to reduce the drying time
Gives fast and efficient results
Available in vibrant and eye-catching shades
Formula will keep your cuticles healthy

Size: 6.5 ml
Instant drying formula
High solvent levels

1. First, you need to file and buff your nails.
2. Once done, apply a solid base to protect your nails and cuticles.
3. Carefully apply the nail polish in one smooth motion, from the cuticle to the tip. It is recommended to apply one coat to lower the drying time.


Neyah offers a wide range of quick-dry nail polish

After the manicure is done, waiting for the nails to dry feels like an era. Even though nail paint drying duration depends on the number of coats you applied, the weather you are in, and the kind of fast drying nail polish used, some items are formulated particularly to dry quickly. From earthy tones to subtle neutrals and dark, Neyah’s quick-dry nail polish comes in a wide collection of different prices and colors.

So, you can now purchase Neyah’s super shiny nail polish that perfectly matches your requirements. Thus, you need not be nervous about carving out time for the nails to dry. Our quick-dry nail polish that comes in a bright color will make sure the manicure makes an impact and is prepared in no time. Neyah’s fast drying nail polish embraces the apricot and coral tones that are truly on-trend for summer and spring and looks amazing on most complexions.

Adorn your nails with Neyah nail polish

Neyah's quick-dry nail polish mimics the puffy appearance of gel and prevents any accidental smudging in between coats. For a shimmery and bold look, a chartreuse hue from Neyah that isn't too rich and a unique find. Neyah's quick-drying point is crucial for nail art. Also, adding adornment to your nails with our fast drying nail polish is an imaginative way to take your manicure to another level.

Thus, doing nail arts with Neyah nail polish enables you to add an extraordinary aspect to your daily style and personalize your nails. You can even adorn your nails with our nail color to fulfill a particular season or holiday.

Our professionals kept nail creativity in mind when creating our formula to ensure every quick-dry nail polish coat dried quickly and went on smoothly. Our nail paints are surface-dried within a few minutes and give a super glossy finish to your nail. Neyah’s quick-dry nail polish is a great investment if you get too clumsy and are in a hurry.

Why shop for nail polish from Neyah?

Neyah brings a broad range of fast drying nail polish to give your nails a perfect look. Our nail polish is created with a higher level of blends to accelerate the drying time and evaporation probability. Our nail polish lessens the overall drying duration of your nails. Moreover, our nail polish also keeps your cuticles healthy.

So, buy nail paint online from our website and get a chance to experience easy shopping. Our nail polish price is pretty reasonable, and you can easily get it delivered to your desired destination.

Neyah Lilac-Lily Quick Dry Nail Polish
Neyah Fast Drying Nail Polish
Neyah Seaweed Quick Dry Nail Polish
Neyah Sun-Kissed Quick Dry Nail Polish
Neyah Olive Fumes Quick Dry Nail Polish